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Do you have a foot fetish? Jerk for my feet.

Forget Your Wife

It’s time to forget about your wife, and devote yourself to me. Your marriage is holding you back from serving me. After all, I make you so weak and horny. Your marriage has run it’s course, and you’re bored. Fall deeper into my trap. Give in and forget her. I’m superior, and I make you so hard. It’s easy to forget your wife when you have me controlling and owning you.
Forget Your Wife

Latex Ripoff

Hand over your wallet, bitch boy. You can’t resist the temptation to hand over cash, especially when I am wearing latex.
Latex Ripoff

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Painful And Humiliating Task

I like pushing your limits and making you feel like a disgusting humiliated beta. Jerk your cock and edge for me, and once you're completely horny for me, I'll tell you what the task is. This task will hurt you. This task will embarrass you. This task will make me laugh, and that's the most important part. If you'd like, I'll even let you record yourself completing this task and send it to me. Are you beta enough to complete this task?
Painful And Humiliating Task

Real Homewrecker Story

**THIS IS AN ACTUAL TRUE STORY** This is a story of a slave boy who I met a couple of years ago. He was in an unhappy marriage at the time, and I took care of that. In this clip I detail how I manipulated him and his marriage to my advantage until he finally divorced and now I have his wedding ring, chastity key, and his credit card.
Real Homewrecker Story

25 Strokes

You're desperate to stroke, desperate to hump your hand for Princess Candy. But don't touch it yet! You are going to stroke for me, but you only get 25 strokes. Do you think you can cum in 25 strokes? This will be such a fun game. Every single stroke counts. I'll get you nice and horny before we begin so you are already aching by the time I grant you your first stroke.
25 Strokes

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Beta Maker

Perhaps you're just interested in a little bit of submission. The idea of a gorgeous woman telling you what to do is pretty appealing to you. Maybe you think about submitting and being called a "good boy", but you don't consider yourself a beta. "I'm not a beta loser" you might say. Maybe you think that being called a beta is hot while you're stroking. But what you need to understand is that I am the beta maker. I can take a "man" and turn him into a beta strokaholic loser. I can take any guy and turn him into a desperate horny, pathetic stroker. I can ruin you for all other women. I am going to turn you into my beta. I'm going to make you pathetic. I'm going to ruin you for all other women. I'm going to turn you into my stupid stroker for life. Place your hand on your cock and stroke while you accept that right now, I'm turning you into a pathetic little beta bitch boy and you'll never get your dignity back.
Beta Maker

CEI Obsessed

You LOVE eating your cum. You can't resist an opportunity to jerk your dick and swallow a big load of cum. You have to buy each one of my CEI clips the instant I post them. You're CEI obsessed. You can't even cum without thinking of CEI. Start stroking as I tease you for being SO CEI obsessed. I'm going to give you a countdown and encourage you to eat your cum and I know you will happily do it because you're CEI obsessed.
CEI Obsessed


You are so easy to manipulate. You are so easy to control. You like being easy, don't you? You're so submissive and so addicted to me You will buy this clip to prove that you are easy and weak. You like being a mindless little jerk zombie for Princess Candy. Look into my eyes and say "Yes Princess, I am easy". I set little traps like this to catch you in, it's too fucking easy. I set little traps to further manipulate you and get right inside of your head. You will buy this and follow my instructions, you're too fucking easy. You like being easy. You like being weak. You like being mindless for Princess Candy.

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Back Again

Coming 01/24/2022

Oh, you’re back? I didn’t even notice you were gone. You deleted your account? Right. A lot of my slaves do that. They play this game where they think they’re quitting. They think they’re done serving me. Sometimes they even let me know when they “leave”, but I just gloss over it. Did you tell me when you left? Who fucking knows. Who fucking cares, actually. But you’re back again. Maybe this time you can go deeper. Maybe you can make an impression. Maybe next time I’ll notice when you’re gone. Probably not, though.
Back Again

Tuesday January 25
Femdom Is Easier

Coming 01/25/2022

You’ve never been an alpha male. Being a beta has always come naturally to you. Stroke while you submit. Isn’t this easy? Doesn’t it just feel natural? Femdom is not only the easy choice, it’s the only choice. You are a beta loser. You’ll never change it. This is the obvious choice. You need femdom. You need to be a little addict. It’s so easy for me to humiliate you. It’s so easy for you to give in to a powerful brat like me. It’s so easy to make you cum just by humiliating you. Buy this and prove my point.
Femdom Is Easier

Jerk For My Middle Finger

Coming 01/25/2022

My middle finger makes you so fucking hard. Especially when I also give you the loser sign at the same time. Fuck you, loser. It’s so easy to make you hard and weak. You could cum to just my middle finger and the loser symbol, couldn’t you? Let me see you do it, bitch! Prove how much of a pathetic loser you are.
Jerk For My Middle Finger

Just Don't Stroke

Coming 01/25/2022

Can you resist the urge to place your hand around your cock and stroke? You think you can hold back? I bet you can't. Don't do it..try to hold back. I know you will fail, but I want you to try your hardest to resist me. If you make it to the end without stroking your aching cock, you get a reward. If you don't, I get a reward.
Just Don't Stroke

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