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Candy Glitter

Candy Glitter Vital Stats:

Femdom & Findom legend. Join the Candy Cult. Femdom, Fetish & Financial Domination Princess.

Candy Glitter Updates

Birthday Ripoff
Candy Glitter
Available to Members on 04/22/2025

It’s my birthday, so give me your cash.

Obsess over me: WhereIsCandy.com
Apply to serve me: SlaveToCandy.com
Join my mailing list to get good boy treats: CandyGlitterMail.com

Tags: Femdom POV Financial Domination Ripoff
CEI - Two Loads Of Cum Remastered
Candy Glitter
Available to Members on 12/09/2025

You're going to eat your jizz like a good little puppet. In fact, you're going to eat it TWICE. Two loads of cum. No stopping. Just keep stroking. I'll tell you exactly how to do it. Just start stroking, and edge yourself until I count you down. Two orgasms, two mouthfuls of cum. Remastered Version....

Tags: CEI Femdom POV
Submit To Me, Ignore Your Wife
Candy Glitter
Available to Members on 04/22/2025

Your wife is boring, and you don’t like her. I mean, I’m sure she’s fine as wives go, but… she’s no Princess Candy. She can’t hold your attention like I can. She can’t melt your mind. Compared to the way I make you feel, she may as well be invisible. She doesn’t understand your overwhelming...

Tags: Femdom POV Home Wrecking
Oops! I Turned You Into A Goon
Candy Glitter
Available to Members on 04/16/2025

Oops! I turned you into a goon. Wish I could say that I’m sorry… but honestly, I’m not! I quickly turned your brain off and turned you into a weak, porn addicted hand humper. I have entirely destroyed you, and I think it’s fucking hilarious. Obsess over me: WhereIsCandy.com Apply to serve...

Tags: Femdom POV Gooning
Betas Will Cum To This
Candy Glitter
Available to Members on 10/07/2025

Betas will BLOW to this clip. Betas will take their stupid cocks out and edge until your JIZZ EXPLODES everywhere. BETAS will fucking LOVE this clip. This clip will make BETAS cum. Obsess over me: WhereIsCandy.com Apply to serve me: SlaveToCandy.com Join my mailing list to get good boy treats: CandyGlitterMail.com...

Tags: Femdom POV Humiliation
Porn Over Pussy Forever
Candy Glitter
Available to Members on 04/29/2025

Think of all the steps required for someone like you to get pussy. Think of all the effort required to assume the form of a normal man, the required exertion of social energy, and the extremely high chance of failure after all of that. Think about that, then consider how fucking easy and perfect porn...

Tags: Femdom POV Humiliation Tease And Denial
Send This To Your Wifee
Candy Glitter
Available to Members on 12/16/2025

I Dare You. Send this to her. Leave the video playing on your phone and walk away. Cast this video to your living room TV. Show your wife how insanely hard Princess Candy makes your cock. Send this clip to your fucking wife. Obsess over me: WhereIsCandy.com Apply to serve me: SlaveToCandy.com Join...

Tags: Femdom POV Home Wrecking
Life Of A Loser Remastered
Candy Glitter
Available to Members on 11/04/2025

Your life is really pathetic. Look at you. You're a total fucking loser. You're a miserable failure. You sit at home refreshing my twitter page, constantly checking my clip store with your cock in hand, waiting to see if I've posted a new clip. Your existence is pitiful. You don't even realize how much...

Tags: Femdom POV Humiliation